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Virtues Everyone Should Strive To Emulate

Marcus Aurelius wrote, “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.” I particularly like this quote because as the new year has started, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be a good man, specifically about being a man of good character and a man of virtues.… Keep Reading

Stop Trying to Make Your Relationship Easy 

One of the most harmful beliefs about relationships is that “it should be easy.”  I’m sorry to tell you, I’ve been to STAPLES and have looked down every aisle… when it comes to relationships, there is no Easy Button. The problem is that when we experience infatuation, a precedence is set. Who among us hasn’t… Keep Reading

How to Complain to Your Partner and Get Results

Here’s a fun fact: scientific research done at the Gottman Institute indicates that the tone in which a conversation starts off will inevitably end in a similar vein… Which means, according to the data, if you start a conversation with a critical, contemptuous and/or sarcastic tone, there is a 96% chance the conversation will end… Keep Reading

A Simple Way to Stop Screwing Up Your Relationships

Chances are you are doing something that you’re not necessarily aware of that is screwing up your relationships…. It’s causing you a lot of pain and discourse with your significant other. This “thing” is the source of nearly every argument, it’s the germination of all resentments, and it ultimately leaves you disconnected with the one… Keep Reading

Lasting Happiness Happens When You Live From Your Gut

At your core of you, is your Gut. It is your compass. It is your core consciousness or what I like to call “wisdom.” If you could shed all of your neuroses, doubt, shame, feelings of guilt, inadequacies, and anxiety you would find it—you would find your Gut. It’s there like your heart beat. Apply… Keep Reading

Thrive in life

Die, Adapt, or Dig: a Master Gardener’s Guide to Thriving

How To Thrive in Life Years ago I was talking with a friend about the idea of thriving in life—not just surviving it. We talked about how easy it is to get caught up in the trance of living; work, relationships with significant other, raising children, commitments, responsibilities, changing the oil every 3000 miles, work… Keep Reading

Dump Run, Samurai, and a Piece of Fatherly Wisdom

My father taught me a powerful lesson when I was growing up; I was maybe ten years old and we had just finished cleaning out our garage. Left over was a pile of debris of things our family no longer needed; broken toys, a vacuum that had seen better days and miscellanies from our annual… Keep Reading

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