"I love what Chuck does. If you want a life that doesn't suck, pay attention to what he says." Jeff Goins best-selling author Real Artist Don't Starve

"If you are looking for a mentor, coach, teacher, or therapist who walks his talk, Chuck may be just the person you’ve been seeking." Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy

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Anger Management: Five Steps to Helping You Cool Down

My favorite ritual is getting coffee each morning. It’s a small indulgence that usually starts my day off on a positive beat.  Today, just like every weekday morning, I went to the Starbucks next to my office.  What I love about this Starbucks is that it’s a drive through. No need to get out of… Keep Reading

Yes, Having a Daughter With a Disability Has Changed Me

My daughter recently turned twenty-five. At first glance, you might not notice she has a disability, but spend time with her, and you’ll quickly see how her disability manifests.  She has difficulty understanding social cues; she will talk your ear off about America’s Funniest Home Videos and Myth Busters, her two favorite shows. She has… Keep Reading

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How To Be A Generous Lover

“That is such a turn on!” my wife exclaimed as I walked in the door. Her face had an expression of “Come and get me you stud!” I was already dripping with sweat, aching from head-to-toe and hot! Extremely HOT! Not with sexual anticipation, but because I had just come in from mowing the lawn;… Keep Reading

Three Words Every Man Hates to Hear

There are three little words that your significant other can say to literally make your heart beat faster…. and I don’t mean “I love you” or “Let’s have sex.” No, the three words I’m talking about are “Can we talk?” If you’ve been in a relationship for any significant amount of time you’ve likely been… Keep Reading

Make Her Smile… By Doing This One Thing

Right now, think of someone you love and appreciate. Got em? Ok, now what is it that you love about them? Their kindness? Their ability to make you laugh? Maybe it’s that they’re consistent in their actions and makes you feel safe….  Now stop reading this. Pick up the phone, or go into the other… Keep Reading

Women Just Want One Thing From Men

You know the old saying, men only want one thing? It’s true for women too… While a man’s one thing is sex, for a woman, that one thing is security.  I’m not saying that women need men to be secure! But in the context of a relationship, emotional security is likely top of her list.  In… Keep Reading

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