"I love what Chuck does. If you want a life that doesn't suck, pay attention to what he says." Jeff Goins best-selling author Real Artist Don't Starve

"If you are looking for a mentor, coach, teacher, or therapist who walks his talk, Chuck may be just the person you’ve been seeking." Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy

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Leave a lasting legacy and make an impact on your world

Leave a Lasting Legacy: Four ways to make an impact on your world

Doing These Four Things and You Will Make Impact In Your World and Leave a Lasting Legacy. In the middle of my city sits a volcano. Inactive for nearly 300,000 years, it’s one of the many things I love about my quirky hometown of Portland Oregon.  It’s called Mount Tabor, and if you climb the… Keep Reading

Have A Successful Personal Retreat - Four Things For A Personal Retreat

Me Time: The Art of A Personal Retreat

Have A Successful Personal Retreat – Four Things To Do On A Personal Retreat For Quality Me Time. “I am on a boat,” I said. “A what?” my daughter asked with the same disbelief as if I had just said I was on the moon. “A boat, I’m on a boat,” I spoke to the… Keep Reading

Finding Meaning In Life

The Hunt for Meaning

Finding Meaning In Life Began With A Hunt For Our Hearts. A decade ago, I was in the badlands of the Colorado Rockies on a hunt for self-discovery. My quest was simple; find meaning in life. Admittedly, a large task, but having spent years wandering around corporate America, I thirsted for answers. Each day I… Keep Reading

Stop Negative Thinking Inner Critic

Voices In My Head: Three Ways to Stop Negative Thinking

Three Ways To Help Stop Negative Thinking and Silence Your Inner Critic. For decades I was plagued by a bully who beat me up at every chance he had. He didn’t live on my street or go to my school; he lived in my head. He harrassed me with negative thoughts and daily threw spitballs… Keep Reading

Walk away from a fight


Five Ways to Better Communicate When You’re Having A Disagreement. We’ve all been there. A conversation with our significant other starts innocently enough. Maybe you’re talking about your day or something that happened at work when a comment, seemingly coming from left field, rubs you the wrong way. Maybe it’s not even what is said… Keep Reading

kicks me out of bed

My Wife Kicks Me Out of Bed, and I’m Ok With That

Five Reason You Should Go To Bed Together. On any given weeknight, my wife and I typically head up to our bedroom around eight-thirty.  It’s a bit of a ritual: teeth brushed, faces washed, and the coffee set for the next morning. We climb into bed, snuggle up together, exchange stories about our day and… Keep Reading

Gratitude Hand

Give Negativity A Hand

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to be negative, yet how difficult it is to be thoughtfully optimistic?  I certainly have. In fact, just this morning as I was getting ready for my day, my brain was jammed in a negative loop. It felt like two people trying to get through a turnstile… Keep Reading

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