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Chuck Chapman is a Licensed Psychotherapist and student of self-development who has built his private practice by helping others recover from toxic shame. Chuck is the grateful father of Christina a gold medalist in Special Olympic, husband to Jennifer, a Speech Pathologist, and step-father to three amazing adult children who keep him humble by frequently beating him at every board game in their extensive collection. See more at
Finding Meaning

The Hunt for Meaning

Finding Meaning In Life Began With A Hunt For Our Hearts. A decade ago, I was in the badlands of the Colorado … Keep Reading

Inner Critic

Voices In My Head

Three Ways To Help Silence Your Inner Critic. For decades I was plagued by a bully who beat me up at every … Keep Reading

Gratitude Hand

Give Negativity A Hand

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to be negative, yet how difficult it is to be thoughtfully optimistic?  I certainly … Keep Reading

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