"I love what Chuck does. If you want a life that doesn't suck, pay attention to what he says." Jeff Goins best-selling author Real Artist Don't Starve

"If you are looking for a mentor, coach, teacher, or therapist who walks his talk, Chuck may be just the person you’ve been seeking." Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy

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shut your pie hole

SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE: Step one for having an amazing life.

Having an amazing life starts with learning to become impeccable with our words…know when to keep your mouth shut. It happened again. Someone made a political post on Facebook, and well, I REALLY wanted to jump in. I had the most incredible comeback. It would have shown the entire community the irony of their post,… Keep Reading

Guarantee Success

Nothing Comes Easy: Four Things that Guarantee Success

While Nothing Worthwhile Comes Easy, There Are Four Things that Guarantee Success The quote on the sticker read, “Nothing Comes Easy.” I smiled to myself and thought, “How appropriate,” since I was struggling with writer’s block. Instead of writing, I was wasting time surfing the internet. I had landed on an Etsy shop that sells… Keep Reading

Practice Mindfulness Meditation

How to Practice Mindfulness and Overcome Life’s Frustrations

How to Practice Mindfulness: When you feel overwhelmed by life’s frustrations, practicing mindfulness can help. Somedays I feel like a fireman, running around putting out Life’s Little Fires, or as I like to call them L.L.F.s.  These aren’t catastrophes, but rather the annoyances that pop up and burn you on the backside like a like… Keep Reading

Self-compassion how to deal with frustration and anger

The Secret to Escaping Life’s Frustrations

The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion: How to deal with frustration and anger by using this tool. “What’s this?” I asked my dad as I held up my prize.It was the spring of my fourth-grade year, and my school was hosting our annual PTA spring fair. My school’s cafeteria, now a boardwalk of homemade carnival games,… Keep Reading

Self-Esteem: How to Overcome Negative Behaviors Learn to love your self

Confidence: Chasing the Tail of Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem: How to Overcome Negative Behaviors & Learn to love yourself. Self-Esteem starts with self-compassion and loving yourself first. Some time ago I was behind a car with a bumper sticker that read, “God, help me to be the kind of person that my dog thinks that I am.” I laughed to myself and thought,… Keep Reading

Food Addiction Help: I Love Junk Food And What I'm Doing About It

My Monkey Wants Junk Food: Five Things I’m Doing About It

Food Addiction Help: I Love Junk Food And What I’m Doing About It. OK, I admit it. I have an addictive personality. If something is fun, feels good but is “bad for you,” chances are it’s on my list of personal vices. It has been a battle, but one by one I’ve been able to… Keep Reading

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